Friday, 15 January 2010

Dainichi Import & Spectrum update

This has been a nightmare import. It arrived on schedule beginning January at Stansted. This was then sent to Heathrow where Customs siezed it due to someone at FedEx not clearing the health certificate with Customs.
Even though all correct paperwork & health certificate were included with the shipment Customs wouldn't clear it as FedEx failed to obtain health clearance on the shipment.
Dainichi are working to try & get this shipment released but if this fails they will send another out by next Wednesday so we should get it here by the following week.
I apologise to customers waiting for these foods.As you can see we are in the hands of officialdom.

NLS: I have been trying to find out what is actually causing the delay in shipping & heard back today from their head office in the US. The cause is EC legislation on import of fish feeds. US authorities which oversee exports have to approve NLS for import into the UK under the criteria set out in this legislation. They are still working on getting this & advise me they 'hope to be approved soon'.

We had similar problems when starting imports from Dainichi but they have clearance now to ship to us. The last shipment was siezed due to FedEx not sending this paperwork.

We would like to thank those elected to serve us in Brussels for yet another brilliant piece of legislation ???

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