Saturday, 21 January 2012

Red Astax Granule

We have been so busy over the past months It's been hard to update the blog - so here goes.....

Red Astax Granule will not be made up by the mill now. We only have about 100kg in stock but some grades are down to a few kilo's. First come first served.
We are having new granule made up with small differences to this make up. It's basically the same with the same Astaxanthin content but vitamin A & C is less than our current Astax granule.
These will be in the form of 2 types of granule. One similar to the usual red astax granule & the other now combining our popular micro pellet combining the powerful immune stimulant Beta glucans. This is going to be especially useful to Koi & coldwater breeders but is equally something tropical breeders will find very useful.
As with any new project feed it needs to be tried out but I think they will both find favour with breeders.

We had a good source of freeze dried Tubifex but the supplier let us down & we have had to track down another clean supplier. Hopefully this can be on its way by now.

Tropical flake is massively popular. We try to get our foods made up at the last minute to make sure we offer fresh made feeds. Due to some big orders at the tail end of our stock we went out of stock fast which left us on the back foot. New flake is being made up now & will be here next week. We apologise for a small break in supply. Most customers know what we are about & bear with us in these cases but we don't like to run out of anything.

The Amazon trip is something which I have wanted to go on for some time.Alan has been over a few times to blaze the trail but this year will be my first time here. It's a bit of an indoctrination of fire as I will be collecting commercially for export orders with Steve. Looking forward to it immensely - hope I get back alive as some of the areas are very remote.
It's going to be interesting to try out some of our feeds on wild caught fish in the collection facility. We are fish breeders at heart & like to try out feeds for ourselves. We have proved our feeds on wild imports but on the banks of the Amazon is something else.

Freeze dried Blackworm is getting more & more popular. Loads going out in the UK & Scandinavia now. We said this food was going to be dynamite & those trying it are coming back for 200g packs in many cases.
Our Aussie supplier is helping us out in promotion & we were able to drop original prices by 10%. We always try to help breeders out.

We have been sourcing some products from Brine Shrimp Direct in the USA for some years. We now import many shipments from this company on a regular scale & they recently made us UK agents for their products. We didn't ask for this but we appreciate help from our suppliers who recognise how our business is expanding.
The products from this company are excellant & we started out using them in our breeding shed before we started pushing them online.

Spirulina flake - we had a fantastic batch last time. The manufacturer is finally lisening to what we want for our UK customers - big flakes, not too brittle & a load darker which means lots more Spirulina. The make up of our previous flake was good but this is way above that.
We realise many livebearers only require 8% Spirulina in their feed but nobody has put veggie cats under this criteria we are aware of. Between wood & natural Spirulina we consider this an excellant feed.

If it's not too late we hope all our breeders/customers do well this year.