Monday, 14 November 2011

NLS Disruptions

Due to the new labelling laws in the EC imports of NLS (Spectrum) feeds have been delayed. Whilst we carry a fair stock of most of the range we are suffering with the popular 600g Cichlid Formula tubs. The 300g size will be out of stock shortly. We ask our customers to try other Cichlid feeds in the NLS range such as Medium Fish formula (2mm) or the Thera range which we carry in stock including the 600g size tubs.
A new import will shortly be in the UK so this is a temporary glitch. Our apologies for this. The EC seem to want to make things as difficult as they can for businesses with constant meddling in animal feeds.
Don't forget the charity auction is getting near - 4th December 2011 in Redditch.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

New Cichlid Flake

This week we had a new flake called 'Cichlid Flake'. This is made up from Krill, Mysis shrimp & Artemia etc. A flake which is very useful to any omnivorous fish. All the ingredients are made up fresh in the USA so no harmful additions are in the mix.
As you can see from the photo flakes made up in the US are generally quite thick. We specialise in these type of flakes. The range now is quite extensive & compliments the sticks & wafers we have also expanded on over the past months.

New Labelling Legislation

The EC have once again helped us out (?) with a change in how labels on pet feeds should appear.
Over the industry millions of labels are having to be dumped with basically a few word changes -
'Ingredients' should now be replaced with 'composition'
'Analysis' or 'typical analysis' should now be replaced with 'Analytical Constituents'
'Ash' should now be replaced with 'crude ash' .
WHY ? What benefits can this have for all the money we pour into the EC.
We obviously have to comply with this but they do give a window to get things sorted out.