Thursday, 30 June 2011

New Foods

We filled a gap in the freeze dried area by adding Tubifex & Brine Shrimp. Also, we have a new Pacific Krill which a lot more orange. This one is nice & soft & lends itself to be crushed up for young fish. Or feed it whole to larger fish.
We have had samples of a soft Krill pellet which looks nice. Hopefully we should have these in on the next shipment.
We are keen to source our feeds away from China as we have heard reports of chemical additives being put in some feeds. The above new foods are all sourced from the USA where they are grown & processed. Obviously buying like this is more expensive but we try to get the best quality of foods worldwide.
If you want to buy cheap foods try e-Bay. We are amazed so many people list cheap bags of food. I hear the net is closing on those trading without a business name & tax accounts. This has got to be good news as who knows how old the foods are. We trade legally & are VAT registered as well. If we have to pay taxes why not some of these sellers?
I also saw someone splitting buckets of Tetra Prima. Tetra take a dim view of this & have prosecuted in some cases. We do not split any named brand foods. All our flakes are specially made up & we have the rights to trade these under our brand name.

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