Monday, 8 February 2010


At long last the Dainichi shipment has landed & is currently going through customs. Hopefully the airline got the paperwork sorted this time. It should be here very soon all being well & I can clear the backlog of orders.

More buckets of Spirulina flake due in shortly. I'm down to just one following a mad week of sales.

Had some new samples in of a stronger Spirulina flake & another veggie blend which looks & smells really nice. Just waiting for prices. We will probably need to bring in 100kg minimum & pack this in our own buckets which are already in hand.

Currently looking at new packaging mainly to fill the growing interest from the trade. It's cost quite a bit to set up but things are starting to come together. Must admit the packaging looks good & will look great on retailers shelves.
Eventually all our products will be made available like this but it does take time & a lot of money to get the goods packed in this way.

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