Friday, 19 February 2010

Spirulina Flake

We had a big run on Spirulina flake in the 1.8kg buckets & ran out over a few days. The manufacturer is making up new product & will be shipping next week (22-26 Feb). We usually keep a good stock of this as it has a good customer following.
As always any back orders will be put on overnight carrier & customers will receive the day after we receive the shipment (UK).

As you know, this flake has 30% Spirulina content. We are having a new flake made up at the mill which contains 12%. This looks a really dark flake. We have had samples & they look really good. Also being made up are Chlorella flakes. Again, samples look really good. We are looking at blending Spirulina, Chlorella & Kelp as a special 'veggie' diet. Much darker & richer than other flakes of this type currently on the market.

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