Monday, 8 March 2010

New Arrivals

Shipment in today of flakes for our new packing. Labels are here & looking good - just waiting for the containers to get production going. These will be in the larger 200g size which we have been asked to produce. Also, we are making these available to retailers. If your shop would like to stock these please get in touch. Currently we will have Spirulina, Beef Heart, Earthworm, Brine Shrimp & a mix of flakes we call supreme as nothing else on the shelves looks this rich & dark. Hopefully containers will be here within a week. We are really looking forward to promoting this & will be putting an advert in Practical Fishkeeping. We haven't advertised in magazines for some years now.
Other flakes will be produced shortly including a plankton mix & a supreme veggie flake mix with Spirulina, Kelp & others we are working on. These are aimed at Livebearers & Rift Lake Cichlids.
This is the first stage in putting all our foods in shop display type packaging such as containers & stand up pouches for the granulated foods & Brine Shrimp products. It costs a lot of money to upgrade to this so it will be done as finances permit.

We also had the new F2 Algae Nutrient which is now in liquid form for faster dispersion in water. It is a little more expensive but we are going to keep the price unchanged for this shipment at least.

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