Sunday, 21 March 2010

Some New Products

Sales of our stick foods have been steadily increasing. These are not cheap but we buy in from what we consider the best manufacturer in the world for these products & quality always demands a higher price.
It's true other online sellers offer cheaper sticks but generally these are sold for angling purposes & not in the same ball park regarding quality.
We are the only UK customer for this companies product.

We will be bringing in more varieties of sticks from this manufacturer which contain Garlic to prevent fungal & bacterial infections in the gut & Paprika which is a well known attractant to fish.
These new sticks will be -

Spirulina - Garlic/Paprika
Colour - Garlic/Paprika
Cichlid - Garlic/Paprika
Vitamin - Garlic/Paprika

It usually takes 3 weeks to make these up & ship to us. As always these are freshly made up. We order small regular quantities rather than a bulk lot which is sitting on the shelf for months.

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