Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Photographs - Dainichi

I have been struggling along with a couple of cheap compact digital cameras to take photos of the products on the site. In one week both cameras gave up the ghost leaving a hole in putting good photos on the site. I decided to save up & get a decent digital SLR & finally bought a Canon 550D which is a superb piece of kit.
It takes really nice movie quality & I'm looking at doing something in this direction in the future.

I have been having problems with the disc drive & it finally packed up just as I was going to load the Canon software. Tomorrow will see the computer in bits & a new drive installed (hopefully).
Then I can get to grips with all the temporary photos on the site & some new photos of the new flake food tubs which look great.

Dainichi are again having some problems with beaurocracy. This ridiculous legislation dreamed up in Brussels is having a big effect on Dainichi & NLS. The US authorities are behind in renewing export licenses to the EC & consequently Dainichi (from 9th April) have not been able to renew their license. They have applied in good time but the authorities have not even started the ball rolling in the renewal process.
I personally thought we in the UK were contributing over £170 Billion pounds a year to the EC to make life easier but I must have missed something here.
This means I cannot get shipments in & will have to make do with the stock I have.
I have a decent stock available at the moment but some grades & pack sizes are now out of stock. I expect the British Cichlid Association auction this weekend to bring stocking levels down.

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