Saturday, 29 May 2010

Charity Auction

For 10 years now I have been involved in the Midland Charity Auction. To start with we didn't want to make it a commercial thing where someone made a profit from it. It's grown from making a few quid to generating hundreds of pounds each auction. Now we can say we have generated a few thousand pounds for various charities.
I don't think any other fish auction does this. It takes an army of people to help put these events on & I hope I can name them in the post auction report.
Conservation has always been close to my heart in fishkeeping. This year one of the old guard is packing up due to the inevitable advancing years & health issues. It's a sad fact that these people with a huge amount of experience need to pass things on to a younger set of enthusiasts but maybe they are not coming forward..
I know & fear that many of these collections will now die out in years to come.
With so many new collections now coming in conservation becomes very hard.

It is of course impossible to conserve everything in captivity. Let's hope we can leave nature to look after its own & not let our greed for land or resourse domination take over.....

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  1. Hi Tim, Having just read your report on the fish auction I feel I need to mention a couple errors I made which you maybe upset about. I was one of the guilty people who entered the room from the back doors. i did not realise this was'nt the entrance until I just read the report. On seeing the marquee I thought this was the entrance. For this I apologize. I did however go to the front and pay my two pound. This was the first time I have been to a auction and thoughly enjoyed the experience. If I have offended anybody for my mistake, Please accept my apology. Andy