Saturday, 1 May 2010


It's been a while since the last blog so I thought this would show I'm still here -
Orders have been really heavy over the past few weeks especially since Spectrum came in. Initially we only ordered the Cichlid Formula & the new Thera A 2mm granule. This has been due to the high demand for these items & our wish to get in a large stock to keep customers from waiting for new shipments.
We have been sending out buckets of 2.2kg Cichlid Formula virtually daily. The new 600g tubs believe it or not are almost sold out & a new order had to be placed. Last year it was the 300g tubs which were selling out - now customers want the larger tubs. It's a true measure of how good the food is.

As many of you know the business is split between mail order fish foods & my one man HGV driving agency. This has become very busy in itself & I have found myself working from 4am to midnight some days to keep up with all the work. In some cases I have not been home in time to get orders in the post & they have been delayed 24 hours longer than normal. For this I apologise but under the circumstances we are coping very well.
The money generated from this driving agency side is being ploughed back into getting bigger stocks in where things like sticks regularly go out of stock. Also expanding into new foods we have wanted to include on the site becomes a lot nearer happening.
Sales of brine shrimp eggs continue to grow. In one week we sold 185 x 550g pouches. A lot of farms now buy from us.

Our Midland charity auction is fast approaching for June 6th. Please see the site for regular updates. The photo was taken today. Swans & Coots are nesting on the pool.

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