Friday, 1 October 2010

Site Down

The website crashed for 4 days last weekend. We have 3 sites on the server & despite increasing to maximum allowable bandwidth to prevent this we went over & the sites crashed.
We have reluctantly decided to take the Killifish site offline to make more bandwidth available for the TA site. This should stop this happening in the future.
We apologise for inconvenience during the site being offline.
The Killifish site will be back in the near future as we are looking at hosting on another server to keep it seperate.

Spirulina Flake - We have negotiated our Spirulina flake to be made in larger flake sizes. Some customers have asked if this is possible. The flake will now be taken off the machine without reducing to usual flake size. This is easily reduced to flake sizes you prefer.
We really sell a lot of this flake & it's always produced freshly on our order & not taken from stock.

Stick Feeds - The biggest shipment of sticks we have ever brought in is on the way over. We had to increase order weight as it is proving extremely popular now with 50% of the earthworm stick already sold from this shipment.
As you may be aware we get these made up from a single source who produces small quantities. The machine producing these sticks recently broke down & a brand new machine had to be bought. This has not been cheap & consequently the cost to us has risen slightly. We did not put the price up on the last rise to us but this time had to increase slightly.
New floating sticks of Spirulina & another of Beef Heart is currently coming in which fills a gap in our stick feeds.
Wafers - New wafers of Spirulina & another of Beef Heart are on the way over also. Our customers asked us to source a good supply which we have done.

The driving agency part of the business has been extremely busy lately. Postage has been a problem but I now have someone to post daily so this sorts out a big headache.
This side of the business provides a lot of income for the fish side. We are currently working on a long overdue repackaging of our granule, brine shrimp, stick etc range in foil pouches. These will be designed to look good on retailers shelves.
More flakes will be packed in our tubs too.
The black flake is due to come in again soon. This has proved a great food for livebearers & guppies in particular.

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