Friday, 22 October 2010

The Latest News

It's been awhile since I wrote something here. Last time we were getting problems with the site crashing. Since then we have improved our bandwidth & transferred one of my bigger sites on Killifish to an American server which releases a big amount of space. Hopefully crashes will be a thing of the past.
Loads of new imports continue to come in. New lines have been added to the site including the new wafers as Spirulina & a fish/beefheart blend. These are made up by a small operator & not a mass produced item.
Also new is the Cichlid floating mini sticks. These look really rich & I have sent some samples out for breeders to try out.
We have them as a red form or the green Spirulina. We have been missing a good quality floating stick. They should also prove very useful to our fancy goldfish customers.

We continue to search for new products & one of our suppliers who makes the very popular Astax crumb now informs us they can make up for us a Spirulina crumb. The specs look really good on this & we can't wait to get some in. As with the Red Astax we will have various sized granules to add to our list.
Also available will be a specialised Cichlid granule & a Discus granule.
Hopefully all these will be in stock in a couple of weeks.

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