Saturday, 20 November 2010

New Products In

At last the new granules are in & starting to go out. We were pleased our Astax granule manufacturer made these up for us. The Spirulina granule is going to be a good addition to our feed range & will be a great feed for veggie fish.
Available in 2 sizes - 5,8 & 12.

Cichlid granule is available in 2 grades of 1.2mm & 3mm. This is specially formulated for non veggie Cichlids with all the benefits of best growth rates used in the farming & rearing of Tilapia. This is a specialised granule for ornamental fish.

Discus Granule looks really rich. Although I don't have any Discus at the moment I will be sending out some samples to Discus breeders for tests. I have fed it to wild Corydoras & Brochis & they love it so it proves it's attractivenes to fish. Angelfish will also benefit from this diet.
Available in 2 sizes 1.2mm & 3mm

We have standardised the prices on these new granules & we can now offer any mix to make up 300g, 500g & 1kg amounts. Just drop us an e-mail after clicking the mixed grade link with what you need & we will post out to you.

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